We are Oshinowo Studio – an internationally engaged architectural design studio, rooted in Lagos

Oshinowo Studio is an architectural, urban and interior design practice based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our extensive, international portfolio includes individual houses, pavilions, commercial and cultural venues, community housing, and large-scale humanitarian projects.

We believe in human-centred design to meet cultural and climatic needs – at its core, our work is about improving the ways people live. Drawing on traditional craft and material palettes from West Africa and beyond, our designs are as instinctive as they are sustainable.

A wide array of built projects alongside contributions to the international architectural stage, informs a practice that sustains style and environment in equal measure

In Lagos we experience the full complexities of a rapidly urbanising continent. One of the new global, urban frontiers, the city affords us a unique insight into the metropolis of the future

Oshinowo Studio was formed in 2013 by architect and curator Tosin Oshinowo. After completing her studies in London, Tosin worked in Europe before returning to her native Lagos. Her perspective on design though rooted in West Africa, shaped by Yoruba culture, calibrates regional approaches to global social and environmental challenges.


What we do


As architects we are passionate about the role of design to improve the quality of life. We design places for all of life's activities. So far, we have been able to demonstrate through our projects an ability to capture experience and space.

Interior Architecture

As interior architects we see each client and project as a unique challenge to us and we ensure the resulting environments are exceptional and appropriate. Our objective is to deliver projects that surpass our client?s aspirations.

Design & Build

We see design and build as a creative discipline. We don't copy/paste; our solutions are developed through a continual process of questioning. By doing so we protect ourselves from complacency and approach every project attentively and inquisitively.

Space Planning

We bring visionary places, spaces and ideas to life. Because without context, vision is just a dream. We love to give shape, context and reality to the most inspiring projects.

Project Management

We are proactive in anticipating and solving challenges. We look to apply technology to refine design, increase efficiency and improve buildability. So if you have your design thought out and need a team on site to handle things, we offer project management.

The team

Tosin Oshinowo
Tosin Oshinowo
Efe Egube
Tobiloba Bright
Peter Ifeanyi
Margret Udonsak
Emaediong Esema
Rolake Oladipo
Yewande Ode
Adewale Adegunle
Tola Oladele
Business Development
Tola Oladele