Tosin Oshinowo in the Oshinowo Studio talking to a male staff member


Oshinowo Studio is an architectural, urban and interior design practice based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our extensive, international portfolio includes individual houses, pavilions, commercial and cultural venues, community housing, and large-scale humanitarian projects.

We believe in human-centred design to meet cultural and climatic needs – at its core, our work is about improving the ways people live. Drawing on traditional craft and material palettes from West Africa and beyond, our designs are as instinctive as they are sustainable.

A wide array of built projects alongside contributions to the international architectural stage, informs a practice that sustains style and environment in equal measure

In Lagos we experience the full complexities of a rapidly urbanising continent. One of the new global, urban frontiers, the city affords us a unique insight into the metropolis of the future

Oshinowo Studio was formed in 2013 by architect and curator Tosin Oshinowo. After completing her studies in London, Tosin worked in Europe before returning to her native Lagos. Her perspective on design though rooted in West Africa, shaped by Yoruba culture, calibrates regional approaches to global social and environmental challenges.

Interior private beach house design by Oshinowo Studio



As architects we are passionate about the role of design to improve the quality of life. We design places for all of life’s activities. So far, we have been able to demonstrate through our projects an ability to capture experience and space.

Interior Architecture

As interior architects we see each client and project as a unique challenge to us and we ensure the resulting environments are exceptional and appropriate. Our objective is to deliver projects that surpass our client’s aspirations.

Design & Build

We see design and build as a creative discipline. We don’t copy/paste; our solutions are developed through a continual process of questioning. By doing so we protect ourselves from complacency and approach every project attentively and inquisitively.

Space Planning

We bring visionary places, spaces and ideas to life. Because without context, vision is just a dream. We love to give shape, context and reality to the most inspiring projects.

Project Management

We are proactive in anticipating and solving challenges. We look to apply technology to refine design, increase efficiency and improve buildability. So if you have your design thought out and need a team on site to handle things, we offer project management.

The Team


Tosin Oshinowo

My work is built on an understanding of my material and cultural reality to curate space, and this informs a basis of reference that can be applied in any context. I am a climate-conscious advocate and believe we all can positively impact society and our environment through practice.

More about Tosin


Obiamaka Ofodile

Design is about intentionality and consideration for the end users. Simplicity and streamlined processes are paramount. And I wish Wakanda was a real place.


Olabode Toyo

I enjoy the process of solving environmental problems through design, seeing my creative thoughts come to life, and watching people interact with it.


Nnamdi Opara

Fire burns or cleanses, perception will determine the outcome. Only the paranoid survive.


Nkem Morah

“Hello! I’m a designer dedicated to leveraging architecture to enhance our communities and everyday lives. I have a genuine passion for creating spaces that not only fit within their context but also prioritize safety, sustainability, affordability, and, most importantly, exceed people’s aspirations. My talents shine brightest when I’m part of a team that’s just as driven and energetic as I am. Let’s build something remarkable together.


Caleb Iwayemi

My ultimate ambition is to leave a lasting mark on the world of design, crafting spaces that resonate with people across generations. Every project presents an opportunity to translate my ethos into a tangible form, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation to shape the built environment of tomorrow.


Praise Ajanaku

Architecture is experiential and transformative. The goal is always functional spaces. I bring the humor, life is for the living.


Abdulakeem Yusuff

I am an enthusiastic architectural designer passionate about creative expression. With a commitment to freedom in my work, I transcend design styles to embrace individuality in every project. Despite my introverted nature, I thrive in social settings, collaborating to bring innovative designs to life.


Adekunle Adekunmisi

I am a strong believer in the ability of architecture and research combined with design thinking to improve our societies and the world at large. As an architect, I get to see my drawings come to fruition. I can stand on site and see the whole building materialize. There are not many careers where I can see my handwork erected as a real monument that is an ode to my creativity and imagination.


Bashir Kareem

I’m a multifaceted creative who enjoys the process of ideas becoming reality and I’m always assured to get the aux in every room.


Folashade Williams

In the realm of human resource management, the foundation of a thriving workplace is built upon the bedrock of honesty – where transparent communication fosters trust, integrity guides decisions, and the genuine acknowledgment of strengths and weaknesses. paves the way for collective growth.


Blessing Eko

Mastery in multi-tasking, coordination, and orchestrating workflow harmony while navigating complexity with grace and precision, turning chaos into order one task at a time.


Chiagozie Ohaleta

Architecture creates the space; bringing dreams to reality, Facility Management sustains it; maintaining realities.


Laide Abiound

I am a straightforward person. Be it good, be it bad, whatever I have observed about people, I’ll tell them, although, I have sometimes been put into a problematic situation because of this habit. I have learned to apply a little art of diplomacy to sustain myself in the world of today.


Yewande Ode

Accountant with attention to detail.


Adewale Adegunle

Passionate about Accounting.