Lexus - Freedom to Move


Lexus | Chrissa Amuah


December 2020

Lexus Freedom to Move is a project by Lexus that unveiled a conceptual design collaboration with architect and designer Tosin Oshinowo and textiles and furniture designer Chrissa Amuah. In coordination with Design Miami/, Freedom to Move presents a collection of headpieces that explore the idea of protection and celebration, as well as functionality and ornamentation. Inspired by the changes this year has brought worldwide, the headpieces are conceived as an alternative to the utilitarian face masks that have become ubiquitous, while artistically celebrating the collective desire to move through the world freely and confidently together. Freedom to Move is a reflection that is timely and culturally significant, aimed to be understood across cultures through its exploration of materials, textures, color and craftsmanship.

The three-part docuseries created by Spark Creative can be viewed online at

Cover image by Mark Cocksedge ©