Ventra Media Group


Guardian Media


July 2017


Lagos, Nigeria


160 sqm

We were commissioned by ‘The Guardian Nigeria’ to carry out the required works for Ventra Media Group at their Head Office in  Isolo, Lagos. As we had worked with Ventra previously, we had a good understanding of how they use their space and the aesthetic to create.

The project involved optimizing a previously underused space that was poorly lit and poorly planned. We were able to achieve more efficient space planning and functional floor usage while maximizing daylighting with minimal alterations to the existing structure. All of this worked together to produce a well lit, well-appointed office space.  The cost for the Ventra Media Group was a major constraint and it was important to deliver this project at a reasonable price.  We worked with existing partition lines only  providing additions were necessary. Most of the interventions carried out were cosmetic including painting of the ceiling and Walls. The biggest expense was the tile works, for which we used ‘made-in-Nigeria’ tiles and were quite pleased with the result.